Welcome to Afrifitness

Empowering Women Through Fitness and Culture

Hey there! I’m Rachael Okesola.

I’m here to shake up your workout routine from the comfort of your own home. Who says exercise can’t be a blast?

I’m all about keeping fitness fun, and nothing does that better than the rhythms of Afrobeats music for me. It’s like having a party in your living room, but you’re also getting fit while you’re at it!

My goal? To make fitness something you look forward to. I want every woman to feel great about slipping on those workout shoes and joining in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been around the workout block; there’s a spot here just for you.

What Can You Expect?


Fitness Challenges

Kick things off with monthly fitness challenges that’ll keep you on your toes and blast those calories. Perfect for shaking up your routine and pushing your limits.


Weight Loss Tips For Women

Get straightforward, practical advice tailored for real life. From nutritious meal ideas that don’t skimp on flavor to smart ways to keep those cravings in check, I’ve got your back.


Afrobeats Music

All workouts are powered by the dynamic, high-energy beats of Afrobeats music, setting the perfect tempo to keep you motivated and moving. The music is not just a background track—it’s a crucial part of the experience that drives each session.