Join the Summer Sweat Challenge 2020

21 days of fun workouts, dance and sweat? Let’s do this! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to subscribe to this challenge! Below you’ll find the Summer Sweat Challenge calendar. Click on the calendar save this calendar so the workouts are always easy to track. You can also print out the calendar so you can check the day off as you complete it.

Your workouts have been organised day by day on YouTube into a private playlist. As long as you follow the calendar, you should know what workout you’re doing each day. The link to each workout is also included in your workout calendar.

I like to add some equipment into my workouts from time to time to make them a little more intense. I’d recommend getting some light dumbbells and resistance bands to incorporate into some of the routines. If you don’t have these for now, you can still start the challenge but I’d recommend getting them at some point. You can order them from my Amazon store or from a local store near you.


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