These 6 breakfast habits are causing you to gain weight

These 6 breakfast habits are causing you to gain weight

6 Breakfast Habits That Are Causing You To Gain Weight

If your goal involves trying to lose weight, your first meal of the day should be perfectly planned. Everyone has their own morning ritual and breakfast is usually a big part of that. But what if, your breakfast habit is costing you all those hours at the gym spent burning your belly fat? Just what if, instead of helping lose weight, your breakfast habits are causing you to gain weight?

Unbelievable but true, here are some breakfast habits you should definitely stay away from because they are causing you to gain weight.

Eating Cereal

All you cereal lovers are already arguing about how cereal is the healthiest breakfast food out there but lets take a minute to break it down for you. Most cereals are very high in refined carbohydrates and sugars, so the more cereal you consume, the more carbohydrates and sugars your body has to store up. How abut balancing up your morning cereal with some nuts or fruit for a change? And also try not to eat cereal every morning. Diversify and try other breakfast meals. 

Eating A Carbohydrate Concentrated Meal

Most breakfast foods are usually carbohydrate heavy: white bread, pancakes made with white flour etc. which are the top runners in causing you to gain weight. How to balance this diet equation? By substituting white bread with wheat bread and baking with other kinds of flour except white flour. But most important of all, actually having a balanced diet with proteins like eggs or nuts to balance it out.

Frying Your Food

A bad breakfast habit to definitely lose is frying everything all the time. Try boiling your eggs or baking your eggs into fancy egg muffins instead. Your lean meats can always be boiled, baked or roasted instead of deep fried in oil and butter.

Ignoring Portion Size

This is a terrible breakfast habit to get used to because it ruins your diet and all your hard work at the gym. Most people believe ‘Because its healthy, I can eat more’ but the truth is, a lot, is still a lot and a lot of healthy potatoes will still become a belly bulge. Make sure you eat a balanced portion of your healthy breakfast so your weight loss diet isn’t compromised.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee itself actually has no calories or sugar but what happens when you put some sugar and cream into your cup of coffee because you cannot take your coffee black? You’ve turned a seemingly low-calorie, sugar-free drink into a sugar filled and calorific drink. Most people take more than 2 cups of coffee in a day and this is not a good breakfast habit for weight loss. Drink your cup of coffee black or better yet, cut back.

Removing The Egg Yolk

It’s a popular belief that egg yolks are very unhealthy and clog your arteries but that’s a thing of portioning as we discussed earlier. Egg yolks are rich in Vitamin D and Choline. Low levels of Vitamin D have recently been linked to accumulation of belly fat. Choline is a healthy fat that boosts satisfaction meaning you are less likely to overeat at your next meal. Next time you’re making those yummy omelettes, keep the egg yolks, they’re helping you lose your belly fat.

Adjust your morning routine to accommodate healthier breakfast habits to help you with your weight loss goal!

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