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Rachael Okesola, Fitness Trainer & Coach

Rachael is a Fitness Trainer who has taught thousands of women how to obtain optimum health and fitness giving them back their confidence and self-esteem. 

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Nike Amao-Awofeso

"Day 19  It was an absolute blast!! Already seeing results in my arms and I'm feeling so so good. Bring on Day 30! "


"Another great workout session with @afrifitness great dance workout. It's getting more intense now!!!"

Why you'll love this challenge


You'll Dance Your Way Into A Slimmer Body

Exercise can be boring unless you do something different to make your workouts fun. You'll have a good time dancing to your favourite songs and you won’t notice that you’re working out. 

You'll get a total-body workout without it feeling like hard work. You'll lose weight because you're constantly moving your whole body and burning more fat.


You'll Tone Your Body And Burn Calories

You'll get a body-toning workout while working on your cardio fitness. You can use a light-weight dumbbell or the weight of your own body to tone your muscles.

The workouts are varied and work deep into the body to develop strength and endurance in your muscles. This means leaner and more flexible muscles from head to toe!


You'll Receive Support From Your Team

You'll stay on track for the entire 28 days with support from your team. Having others to regularly remind you of your fitness goals will make a huge difference.

If you're new to working out or you have trouble staying on track, we'll encourage you to complete your workouts, we'll support you and keep you accountable. You'll also meet lots of new people.

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