Effective Weight Loss Tips From Around The World

Effective Weight Loss Tips From Around The World

5 Weight Loss Tips From Around The World

Ever wondered how many cultures across the world tend to have so many thin people? Is it something in their water? Or is it that that have good dietary practices that helps them to maintain a healthy weight? Well, I went scouting for you, to help you get through your weight loss journey successfully and learn from others. Just like Africa is full of healthy alternatives, many countries have their ways of losing weight effectively. I believe the tips you’ve been getting from me has been helpful so far… here are more weight loss tips that will get you that dream body.

Make It Spicy

I bring you greetings from Thailand! If you want to shred that fat, make your food spicy. Thai food happens to be one of the spiciest foods in the world and when your food is has hot pepper in it, you tend to eat slowly and drink more water. Hot pepper raises your metabolism too and eating slowly is a good weight-loss strategy. When you turn up the spice, you turn down the weight gain.

Fork It

Huh? I know it sounds strange but the French have a way of getting you to lose weight by ‘Le Forking’ your meals. Le Forking is the controversial but popular French diet method. You must have noticed that the French are mostly thin right? Le forking allows you to eat whatever you want only if you can use just a fork! Try considering the meals you can’t use a fork to eat.


Make every meal a Chinese meal by adopting the use of a chopstick for your meals. You’re forced to eat slower and this is very good for you to get slimmer. It might seem frustrating at first if you are not used to using chopsticks, but it will be worth your time if you stick to it. You’ll find yourself consuming fewer calories.

Salt and Honey

Fear not! You won’t be eating salt and honey.Instead you’ll bath with it. In Estonia, the locals get 50-50 mix of salt and honey onto their skin and go to the sauna. This combo works for cleansing and sweating, which drops extra water weight. From honey you get skin-improving effects which are soaked up by your open pores and the salt also helps remove dead skin cells.  Saunas also has great benefits. It relieves stress, relaxes your muscles, flush toxins, cleanse your skin and help you burn calories.


In Turkey, parsley is used beyond garnishing for food but seen as an effective ingredient for weight loss. Interestingly, parsley is rich in vitamins A, K and calcium. All you have to do is chop and drop parsley into boiling water, leave it 5-10 minutes, strain and drink. This drink helps you to flush out excess water and fluid in the body, reduces bloating and helping balance those hormones that add to weight gain.

Can you think of any other handy weight loss tips from around the world?

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