Making Your New Year’s Fitness Goals Stick

Making Your New Year’s Fitness Goals Stick

How to Really Stick To Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

Happy new year babe! How did you celebrate the new year? I hope it was as fun-filled as mine was. There are so many interesting things about the New Year but I think the one that really takes the cake would be the tons of resolutions and “new year; new me” rules people make. People tend to just make these resolutions for the fun of it but I am here to help you make sure that your New Year’s fitness goals stick.

Realistically Speaking…

Yeah, let’s be realistic for a second! The reason behind most failed New Year’s fitness goals is because they are pretty unrealistic. Think of your New Year’s fitness goals as a lifelong journey to a healthier lifestyle and for it to be successful you need to plan according to the stage you are in your journey. That way you can record more success without getting overwhelmed and abandoning your fitness goals altogether. If you’ spent the whole or most part of 2016 being lazy then you’re not going to be able to commit to working out 5 days a week for a long time. Take it one month at a time and focus on progress rather than results. Trust me, when you make progress overtime, the results will come! 

Create a Plan

Before you start your exercise and diet program, you need to clarify three things. Firstly, when will you exercise? Secondly. what type of exercises can and will you do? And thirdly, how much time are you willing to spend on exercise. Now you need to understand that these exercises don’t have to be strenuous or back-bending. You can choose from an array of exercises and just go with the flow.

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Start Easy

Another reason a lot of New Year’s fitness goals get dumped by the roadside is the tendency people have to achieve a level 10 feat at level 0. Start easy with workout routines that you actually love doing. You may see people engage in hour long workouts that seem overwhelming, but a 15-minute walk three days a week is a great place to begin. Think of your fitness journey like a new house you are about to build. You have to start slow by building a solid foundation. Start by conquering the easiest fitness goals first before moving up to the more challenging ones.


I know you already have a very busy schedule but for your New Year’s fitness goals to stick, you have to find a way to fit your workout in. You can do this by incorporating your workout schedule into your plan for the week (take mental and actual notes). Scheduling your workouts actually makes sticking to your fitness goals that much easier. For example, if you are going to have a very busy Tuesday, incorporate a 30 minutes workout routine spread over the whole day into your plans. That way, you won’t give yourself the excuse of a busy day and not working out early in the morning as a reason for skipping your workout that day. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

Treat Day is necessary!

This part is just as important as all the others. Treat days are meant to help you regulate your cravings and ensure you don’t overindulge whenever you see a tray of cake or some unhealthy carbs. So please enjoy your treat day in moderation.

This New Year, endeavor to make your fitness goals stick and improve on yourself. Here’s to a beautiful and healthy 2017.

Have a great week!

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