How To Keep Your Belly Flat On A Nigerian Diet

How To Keep Your Belly Flat On A Nigerian Diet

Tips For Keeping Your Belly Flat When Eating A Nigerian Diet

It’s officially holiday season, and it’s going to be packed with lots of parties and temptation. As I was scrolling online looking for some good tips for eating well over the holiday period, most of what I could find were Oyinbo meals that you can’t even pronounce talk less of finding them to buy in Nigeria.  Shred it and I will be helping you on how to keep your belly flat on a Nigerian diet.

That pouch on your stomach makes you feel less confident in your party dress no matter how you are dressed up, so let’s get rid of that feeling shall we? I’m going to share with you some diet tricks and tips using Nigerian food. Nigerian food is really sweet but can be extremely fattening if care is not taken!


Sounds like the name of a makeup product uhn? On a more serious note though, why are you putting all of that oil in your stew? Stop it! Before you overdose on oil, take a breath and ask yourself if you really need ALL of that oil in the stew. As a Nigerian, I know it’s quite daunting to overcome the innate urge to cook with so much oil, but if you start by cutting down by half every time you cook, you’ll slowly get used to it.

Here’s a list of common cooking oils that contain more of the “better-for-you” fats.

  • Avocado
  • Canola
  • Coconut
  • Olive
  • Peanut
  • Soybean


It is not food and it is not your friend! I know the festive period is a busy period for you. So many friends to visit, weddings to attend and kids’ parties to endure through. It’s easy to just whip up something quick in the mornings so you can rush out of the house. But let’s be real, if it can be done that fast, chances are you will gain the fat even faster!

Girl, you need to cool it on the Indomie consumption, like stop playing! Have you ever looked at the nutritional values on the back of one Indomie pack? I guess not! Research has shown that the consumption of too many instant noodles leads to heart attack/ diseases. Not only does Indomie cause belly fat, but TOO many instant noodles could be detrimental to your health. My advice? Don’t even buy it!


Ah, I bet you’re smiling now. Egusi contains one of the fats that your body actually needs – Omega 3! Not only does this help you lose weight and keep your belly flat on a Nigerian diet, it helps your hair grow stronger and faster! Somebody say FLEEK! Get your egusi groove on, but like all things, don’t overdo it and cool it with the palm oil girl!


Before you attack me, because I know you love to eat pounded yam, so do I! But it is EXTREMELY fattening and you just have to cut down! Like a whole lot! I promise you will freak out if you knew how many calories are in one serving alone. You could always go for wheat fufu though as it contains way less calories, serve with some vegetables and it doesn’t get better than that! 


This is one of the things you will learn on my 30 day plan. I know you might think it’s difficult so before you put on your complain shirt, let me break it down. Exercising before dinner activates your metabolism to work on your last meal before bed so it doesn’t just stay in your stomach adding more fat as the body’s metabolism naturally slows down at night. Good idea uhn?

I like to get in some squats and lunges before a meal. What’s better than a rounder and firmer booty before tucking into some tasty grilled fish? You will also need some real exercise during the day and avoid sitting too much.

LOSE30 day stomach fat plan FAT IN 30 DAYS

Getting a slimmer waist and a flatter stomach is a lot easier than you think. The fact is, most women are doing it all wrong. My program is designed to teach you the correct and safe way of eating and training to get a flat stomach.




Seriously, why are you rushing your food? Is someone chasing you? Besides the very high risk of choking, rushing your meals could make you eat more food and consequently increase your belly fat. Slow it down!   


We all need a good snack from time to time. But overcome the urge to snack on things like biscuits, burger or pizza (the last two aren’t even snacks!!) and instead go for fruits such as water melon, oranges, avocado e.t.c. They help to burn excess stomach fat.

Darling, follow these tips religiously and you will definitely have a flat belly on a Nigerian diet.

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