These Homemade Skin Recipes Are Afrifitness Certified

These Homemade Skin Recipes Are Afrifitness Certified

Get Your Natural Glow With These Homemade Skin Recipes

Hello beautiful! Do you want a nice glow to your skin? Do you want an acne-free face? You totally deserve it! Let’s get smooth skin without having to cover it up with makeup. Skin treatment is something every lady should take seriously. We are used to buying ready made skin products that are serious contributors to our skin problems with harmful ingredients, chemicals and toxins. Most of these products are made up of fragrances and preservatives that are absorbed by our pores which you can totally do without. Homemade skin recipes can help you replenish your skin and give you a beautiful glow. These skin treatments involve natural ingredients, so, it’s a win-win situation for you. It’s affordable and easy to make. Get a natural glow with these homemade skincare recipes.

Coconut Oil

Let’s start with a simple one that only requires one ingredient! Every lady needs an oil that strengthens  skin, removes dead skin cells, protects from the sun and contains antioxidant properties. That’s a lot of benefit in just one ingredient! It also serves as a makeup remover and gives you a  natural glow. If you already use it in your meals, try it on your skin and be amazed.

Avocado-Honey Moisturizer

Would you love a wrinkle-free face? I know I would. Avocado-honey moisturizer makes your skin smooth and makes you feel young again. All you have to do is blend 1/4 avocado and 1 tablespoon honey together. Rub on your skin and rinse after at least an hour with warm water. Try not to eat it all up!

Acne Spot Removal Recipe

This recipe is a combination of yeast and fresh lemon juice. It helps to clear acne on your face and give you a fresh and flawless face. Yeast fights bacteria while lemon helps dry up blemishes. All you have to do is make a paste using a little bit of yeast, a squeeze of lemon juice and little water. Apply on your blemish, cover with a bandage or clothe and leave for ten minutes then rinse.

Honey and Cucumber

Cucumber has great benefits. It soothes and softens your skin and is anti-inflammatory. Combined with honey, it treats minor irritations and sun burns. This recipe helps to clean and moisturise your skin. Peel 2 cucumbers, blend and collect the cucumber juice then add 1 tablespoon of honey into the cucumber juice. Apply with your fingers or dab with a cotton ball. You can store this for at least a week in a refrigerator.

Honey and Sugar Body Scrub

This is one of my favourite homemade skin recipes! You can reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your body by exfoliating your skin with honey and sugar scrub. Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed too. This recipe helps you prevent stretch marks because it helps strengthens your skin elasticity.

Mix 2 parts honey to 1 part sugar, adding honey as necessary to reach desired consistency. Apply the scrub in the bath or shower and rub for about 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.  Your skin will feel soft and moisturised. You can repeat this process for your whole body once a week.

Homemade skin recipes are the perfect solution to saving money and also saving your skin from long term damage. What is your favourite at-home skin treatment?

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