Shrink Belly Fat Fast With These Healthy Nigerian Foods

Shrink Belly Fat Fast With These Healthy Nigerian Foods

6 Healthy Nigerian Foods That Shrink Belly Fat Fast

Hey darling! Today we’re going to be working a bit closer to our dream of being a future belly dancer! Are you ready?! I am going to be sharing with you some healthy Nigerian foods that shrink belly fat fast.


Growing up, I was made to believe that being short was as a result of not eating beans so I’d overdose on it. And guess who is tall? That’s right ME! Ok I’m not really sure how true that is but I did find out that the consumption of beans regularly helps to shrink belly fat fast. Beans are rich in fiber, which makes you full, and you will consume fewer calories overall. So the fewer calories you consume, the less chance there is to overeat.

Garden Egg

My people call this “igba”. It is tomato-shaped and comes in green or white. Its delicious and makes a great snack to shrink belly fat. You can add it to your stews or soups too. It’s rich in vitamin A and fibre which certainly helps with weight loss. It can also be taken at any time of the day.

Eating raw tomatoes also help to shrink belly fat fast. You have no excuse not to eat as many tomatoes as you can since the prices are back to normal. You can also infuse them in your everyday meals if you think eating it raw is too yucky! 

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Brown Rice 

Popularly known as Ofada, this meal is bae especially with a rich orisirisi stew ( I am already drooling!). It has a high fiber content which keeps bowel movement at a peak, therefore making digestion much easier. It also makes the tummy feel full so you can afford to eat smaller meal portions. And it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels.


Now you didn’t expect me to skip this one did you? Vegetables go a long way to help shrink belly fat fast especially when you eat them in the right way. They help with ease of bowel movement by helping with easy digestion. One amazing thing about eating vegetables is that you can eat plates full of them without having to worry about the calories. However, do not overcook them!


The delicious combination of “boli” and fish stew or groundnut is a life saver. This beauty is one of the best sources of potassium and fiber in the whole world, boosting the immune system and helping with digestion. Another advantage of plantain is the different ways you can have it, whether it’s grilled, steamed or even boiled. You can enjoy it as a meal or a snack!


Fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6. It’s an amazing source of protein which is highly needed to shrink belly fat fast. The trick with fish however is not to fry away all of its nutrients as a lot of us are used to doing. So, rather than boil, fry and then cook with stew, try stewing or steaming.

I’m sure your will agree these foods are within reach and cheap too. If you make it a big part of your diet you will be sure to get positive results gradually.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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