7 Fitness Goals You Should Be Making In 2017

7 Fitness Goals You Should Be Making In 2017

7 Fitness Goals You Should Be Making In 2017

I’m really excited about 2017! Regardless of what type of year it has been, you should be enthusiastic. There are times that the year doesn’t go as planned especially in the aspect of fitness. All you have to do is turn up on your fitness goals in 2017.

I advise you not to give up on that size 8 dream dress that you have plans for. Living healthier is also possible, if you get serious about making plans towards it. Make goals and stick to them. If you’re clueless on what fitness goals to make for 2017, here are seven fitness goals every woman should make.

  1. To make fitness a lifestyle

Fitness is not all talk. You know you have to put in the work to get the results. Make a conscious effort to find a fitness plan that you can stick with to get that desired result you’re looking for. Fitness being your lifestyle has to do with everything that concerns you; eating, sleeping habits and daily routine. Be sure of what you want to achieve with your body or your health so that you’ll be guided on the exact things to do that will get you your desired results. Look for a workout plan that you can work with in the coming year but aligns with your desired goal in mind.

  1. Lower your body fat percentage

Make a specific goal on reducing your body fat percentage. You’ll be doing yourself a lot of favour cutting down that fat in your body because it is necessary for your health. Fat loss is an essential fitness goal that reduces the threat of heart disease and other illnesses. For women, low body fat reduces the threat of different kinds of cancers such as cervical cancers, ovarian cancers, and colon cancer.

  1. Get stronger

There is great advantage in being a strong healthy woman but you need to find out where your fitness stands before proceeding to become more physically fit. Don’t feel bad when you realise your current fitness state is not that great, keep your eyes on your desired goal which is achievable. Being fit will help to increase your muscle strength, your joint function and reduce your potential for injury.

4. Take part in a fitness event

Make it part of your goals in 2017 to attend fitness events. You get to interact with different people which makes it all the more fun. You’ll find them online on websites like Eventbrite and other event websites. Join marathon races, charity walks, danceathon, and any activity that keeps you active in the new year. 

5. Become More Flexible

Make it a conscious effort to become more flexible in 2017. You get to increase your range of motion, prevent injury and increase your strength. Flexibility also helps you to improve your dance performance.

6. Learn to Swim

This is an essential lifesaver! If you don’t know how to swim, you need to make it one of your fitness goals in 2017. Swimming helps build your strength, helps you maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. Swimming also helps give your muscle a makeover because it counts as both cardio and strength training.

  1. Try new health foods

Take on healthy food adventures. Try out new healthy foods from different cultures and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even experiment with vegan foods – you’d be surprised how much variety there is. Take time to try new and fun recipes.

Make 2017 a fit year for yourself and let’s achieve great results next year!

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