10 Better Ways to Tell if You’re Losing Weight

10 Better Ways to Tell if You’re Losing Weight

Ban The Scales! Here Are Ten Ways to Tell if You’re Losing Weight Or Not

I don’t think you deserve to become slaves to the scales. Trying to check if your weight has dropped immediately after workout sessions can be tasking. Scales tend not to give accurate results of your weight loss and even if you’re going to be using scales, it should be once a week. Without having to check your weight on the scales, here are ways to tell if you’re losing weight.

  1. Your Clothes Are Getting Bigger

This is the simplest technique for you to know if you’ve lost weight. How great would you feel if you realise those tight jeans are now a bit loose? Really great, I believe. You can choose a particular item in your wardrobe that can serve as a base for you to check your weight, trying it on from time to time.

  1. Beating Your Past Record

Are you doing more activities than you used to take on during workout sessions? This may be a great sign that you’re shedding that weight because you’re feeling more active and energised to do more. When you notice this, compare it to your last time and see if you’ve beaten your past record.

  1. You’re Getting Better At Your Chores

Due to your weight, you might have been experiencing difficulties in pulling off your chores but you’ve recently noticed that it’s now a lot easier. If you are getting your chores done a lot faster too, this could be one of the ways to tell if you’re losing weight.

  1. You Can Zip It

This is a great sign that you’ve lost some weight around your stomach and waist area. The battle of the zip is almost a thing of the past.

  1. The Mirror Says You’re Slimmer

Most of the time, the mirror can be our worst enemy ladies. A lot of us spend time in front of the mirror complaining about this and that. But take some time to appreciate your results and believe it. If your mirror is showing you a slimmer silhouette in the mirror, embrace it girl!


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  1. Measuring Tape

Instead of climbing scales, why not use a tape to measure your progress? A tape measure can give you the accurate picture of how much weight you lost based on inches. This is one of the best ways to tell if you’re losing weight without a doubt!

  1. Healthy Cravings

When you become conscious of what you eat and you start to have a craving for good healthy food, you just might be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. You don’t just crave healthy food but exercise too, then all this is helping your body get conditioned to shedding more weight.

  1. You’re Getting Great Compliments

Who doesn’t love a compliment or two? When that handsome guy you like tells you he likes how you’re looking now, that’s one of the ways to tell if you’re losing weight. Your friends keep asking you questions like, “What are you doing gal…you’ve dropped weight!” That is your cue to know that, you’ve certainly lost some pounds.

  1. Everywhere Feels Roomier

When where you sit feels more comfortable than it used to, that’s one way to tell that you’re losing weight. Your seat in the car isn’t as tight and your office feels so free unlike before! That’s progress!

  1. Taking Selfies

Your pictures can reveal a lot. It’s advisable to take pictures during your weight loss journey and this will reveal to you how much you’ve changed. You will see the difference in your tummy, your posture and your overall body composition. These are all indicators that you’re losing weight!

Which one of these top are your favourite ways to tell if you’re losing weight?

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