10 Ways To Save Money On Fitness In 2017

10 Ways To Save Money On Fitness In 2017

Are You Wondering How To Save Money On Fitness?

If I had a dollar for every time someone gave the excuse of the cost of joining a gym or buying equipment as an excuse for not being fit, boy would I be rich! So are you wondering how to save money on fitness? You’re in luck as I have decided to be Santa’s little helper for the day (yeah I’m still in the holiday mood). I will be sharing with you 10 ways to save money on fitness in 2017.


Rather than put all of your hopes on that one fancy gym in your estate, widen your search and make enquiries at 5 more. That way, you can easily find out which one is charging less and what they all have to offer. With this information, head back to whichever happens to be your favorite and negotiate. Yes you can negotiate your gym membership payment! The trick is to ensure you go during the “slow season” (anytime that isn’t the New Year’s as the gyms are flooded with patrons around this period and they can start to do yanga for you).


One of the best incentives for getting fit is free or discounted offers but you have to be mindful not to take your free offers for granted just because they are free. You need to put in the work!


Some companies, especially the multinationals, offer some sorts of fitness benefits like gym memberships, yoga classes and more. If you work at such company, take advantage of it! A lot of people don’t take part in it but this is a great way to save money on fitness. Check with your boss or human resources department to find out more about your company’s wellness benefits.

If your company doesn’t have a wellness program, check with your health insurance provider. Some health insurance companies offer discounts to members who are committed to a fit lifestyle. Because these options aren’t widely known, most people don’t take advantage of them. Just log on to their website to find out which fitness benefits your health insurance company offers.


DVDs and YouTube videos, are a perfect way for you to save money on fitness in the coming year. An added bonus is a lot of these videos are at-home workout routines that don’t require you to spend money on gym membership. You can check out some of my own workout videos on my Youtube channel to get started.


Social media has made saving money on fitness so easy. You can start by following your favorite fitness studios, experts and bloggers on Twitter and Facebook (if you don’t already have accounts, what are you doing?). These fitness gurus drop tips that are super helpful on a daily basis and the studios also tend to spread the word about discounts and special offers via social platforms.


It’s important to do this if you seriously want to save money on fitness. Doing this ensures you are a part of the countless comprehensive online workout plans that costs nothing! These sites also help ensure that you’ll be the first to hear about fitness events in your area – particularly the free kind.


Can’t afford a gym membership? You know what they say… when life throws you a lemon, make a tall chilled glass of lemonade. Before you put on your beyhive shirt, I mean that you should do exercises that not just save you money on fitness but are very easy. You can check out 5 workouts for lazy people. Not that I am calling you lazy or anything!


The reason why most of these highbrow gyms are so expensive, besides their location, is because they offer things like spa, healthy drink bar, e.t.c. and that is okay for people with some loose cash to throw around. However, if you are looking to save money on fitness, you really do not need these things. Solution? Go for a regular gym, or better yet make use of sports facilities of any university in your area.


The fitness blogs we talked about earlier in this article are a great way to achieve this. They have packages for sale that are way cheaper than that gym membership you want to commit to. You can also buy and bulk and negotiate a discount with most of them! My 30 day shred it and healthy eating guide can be bought as a combo.


Considering hiring a trainer but the cost is too high? Why not share with someone else and divvy up the cost? Doing this saves you money and motivates you even more. However, ensure that whoever you are sharing a trainer with is either a friend or spouse to make burning calories fun.

These tips will not only lose you those pounds but it will save you some too cha-ching!!

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